What is submarine.me?

Submarine.me is the first app that makes sharing unlockable content possible for all creators. 
Because every creator should have an easy, direct way to share premium content with their community.

For creatives of all kinds


Invite members to your own exclusive gallery.


Serve your game to owners of a specific NFT.


Send your music directly to your fanbase.


Share the next best seller directly with your readers.


Exclusive invites to movie premieres and private events.


Give fans access to exclusive content through their NFTs.

How it works

Step 1

Choose content you want to tokenize.

Step 2

Upload your content to the app.

Step 3

Share the link with your community.

Submarine.me: A Basic Demo

Pinata is the leading platform for NFT media management. We power some of the biggest names in web3 and NFTs, from well known PFP projects, to marketplaces and metaverses.

Submarine.me is available for all Pinata Pro Plan customers.

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